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Windmills: Hiring and Retaining People with Disabilities
Train the Trainer Program

LINK: "Windmills--Changing the Perception of Abilities" training program description

This program is designed for Human Resource managers and trainers to successfully include persons with disabilities as an excellent labor resource. The aging workforce brings new challenges. Baby boomers take longer to heal when they become injured or Ill. Whether it is workers’ compensation or the aging workforce, supervisor’s attitudes toward existing employees who acquire disabilities is considered a far greater problem than attitudes toward applicants with disabilities. Absence management and job retention are issues we must address every day.

Richard Pimentel will present a powerful presentation that will:

  • Explore the fears, biases and myths that create barriers for employees who become disabled through work or non-work related injuries and illnesses.
  • Provide effective techniques for hiring and increasing the retention of employee’s with disabilities
  • Create a catalyst for integrating these techniques and resources strategically into existing Diversity programs.
This presentation goes for the roots of emotions, fear and ignorance from which unconscious and unintended acts of bias result in substantial costs to your system. Richard will integrate key concepts from Windmills, a disability attitude change program written by the presenter.